Conference rooms

In a conference room, the noise may interfere with the hearing. When people gather together to speak, it is important that each one present can hear and can be heard well – the reverberation time should be low: from 0.4s to 0.6s.

Yeseco’s wall acoustic panels offer efficient and stylish sound absorption solutions. The best places for the acoustic panels in a conference room are in the sides and the end of the conference table, then the first sound reflections from the walls get absorbed. An acoustic cloud above the table attenuates sounds propagating off the ceiling.

Video and phone conference rooms, phone booths

A healthy human ear can pick up a desired sound based on its direction. However, in video and telephone conferencing, one microphone picks up all sounds, including the noise loosing the direction information. Then as short as 0.45s mixed echo begins to interfere with human hearing.

Open plan office

In an open plan office there is poor sound privacy. People try to concentrate on their work, but they find their neighbors’ talk disturbing. According to a Harvard study, as much as 86 minutes of working time is lost per day because of poor sound privacy.

A hard screen has low sound absorption. It acts like a mirror reflecting the sound around and off the ceiling everywhere. An acoustic cloud above the workstation absorbes sounds efficiently and thus improves sound privacy. Yeseco acoustic clouds are optionally supplied with LED lighting.

Human speech is easiest to understand direct in front of the speaker´s mouth. Yeseco acoustic panel or a table screen in front of the speaker absorbs clear speech and thus improves sound privacy there. Indirect human sound is blurry and can be let echo, as it actually creates wanted masking noise that improves sound privacy.

According to a study, just a wanted image of a forest provides some benefits of being in the genuine forest. With image printed Yeseco products you can create “a window in the woods” and gain those benefits for yourself.