Yeseco acoustics are found in the Chamber of Finnish Parliament, Ateneum, Kiasma, MTV3 sound studios, restaurants, kindergartens, office and conference rooms and private households.

Yeseco acoustic panels can bring comfort to every need and in many ways.


MTV3 TV broadcaster’s sound studio

Fully customized acoustic panels manufactured for the MTV3 TV bradcaster's audio studio.

Chamber of Finnish Parliament

The conversion of the Sibelius Academy Concert Hall to the use of Finnish Parliament as a temporary plenary session hall was done with the help of Yeseco Still TK acoustic wall panels.

Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma

Acoustic panels for a Videoperfomance.

School of Varelius

Acoustic panels of an open learning environment are printed according the theme of the School

Kiltakellari restaurant in Helsinki

A large Still T acoustic panel with a picture about the history of the area was mounted on a backplate for retaining the protected wall.

Picnic restaurant in Helsinki

The length of one acoustic panel is customized for the panel row to match the length of the wall.

Mänttä-Vilppula library

A book-inspired acoustic wall in the library lobby.

Tarvasjoki swimming hall

The echo of the swimming pool area was reduced by fabric-coated acoustic wall panels.

Tampere Technical University, Acoustics Laboratory

The room space is divided by hanging acoustic Space Dividers for easy floor cleaning.

Acoustic Cloud with LED lighting

Acoustic Cloud above the table effectively absorbs the sounds reflected by the ceiling. LED lights in the Cloud lightens the table.

Acoustic Cloud

Acoustic Clouds are mounted directly on the ceiling.

Oppila at Ispoinen Manor

The Oppila products support the learning of the alphabets.

Oulun normaalikoulu, lobby

Acoustic wall installation with different size and form cut pieces. The edges of the pieces are protected by a fabric ribbon.

Children’s room

Daycare products are suitable for children's rooms.


Even one acoustic panel improves the acoustic environment.

High kitchen

Colorful Still T acoustic panels above the kitchen cabinets.

Ceiling of a high living room

Attenuating the ceiling of a high living room reduces the echo of the living room itself and the sound leakage between the upper and lower floors.

Panda house

Pleasant sound environment for Sound sensitive Panda at Ähtäri Zoo.

Panda house

Hanging Ilmava-flyer and "Himalaja" -form cut and printed Still T in the back.

Turku AMK Campus at Salo

Ilmava Acoustic Clouds at open learning environment at Turku AMK Campus at Salo.

Marketing Institute in Helsinki

Ilmava- table screens at Marketing Institute in Helsinki.


Ilmava Floor standing screens at Kindergarten.

Meeting room

Hanging Ilmava Screens at glass-walled meeting room.

Ideas and inspirations

Public places and offices

Public places and offices

Public places and offices

Public places and offices

Public places and offices

Public places and offices

Public places and offices

Public places and offices

Public places and offices

Daycare and schools

Daycare and schools

Daycare and schools

Daycare and schools