Where dit it all begin?

Yeseco is a Finnish design company. Its four founders had an initial idea of producing ecological products.

Heikki Helimäki from Helimäki Acoustics, immediately discovered the potential of the material: “You have an export product, start making wall acoustics and acoustic screens, there is market for them.”

The sound absorption was developed in cooperation with Helimäki Acoustics. When the products’ attenuation power was measured by VTT, the measurement engineer’s reaction was unambiguous: “Yes, you guys have really succeeded…”

In the first year, our product was awarded the InnoSuomi Honorary Award for Innovative Material Development.

Ecology, efficiency and aesthetics have been values for Yeseco since the beginning. Customization, individuality and image prints are characteristic for Yeseco products. Design and product development are being invested and new products are planned continuously. The Yeseco Collection has grown to cover products for different uses and facilities from homes, offices and children’s facilities to public spaces.