The Benefits of Yeseco products

Yeseco acoustic panels are ecological. Their production of hemp fiber and recycled materials is sustainable both from nature and from people’s point of view. Acoustic products are stylishly designed and durable. Yeseco products are acoustically very effective. They have been measured at VTT (Finnish National Test Laboratory) according to EN ISO 3565 / EN ISO 11654 standards. All our wall acoustics belong to the best sound attenuation class A and the Yeseco Still T reaches the best in class weighted sound absorption coefficient aw 1,0. In practice, Yeseco products can replace any acoustics panel and the result is usually better. Sound absorption structures get thinner and cost-effective with Yeseco products as they do not require any air gap behind them, and the required room attenuation is reached with smaller amount of the acoustic panels. Our products are tested and safe for room air safety, they have Finnish indoor M1 rating. You can choose Yeseco products from designer´s ready-made collections or design your own customized set. Communicating with us is easy, we are a Finnish company. We can ship products all over the world. We also offer you assistance for design and installation of Yeseco products.