Surface Treatments

Image printing

Image prints for Still and Quiet acoustic panels are made on a natural fiber surface. Not woven, random fibers give a beautiful and vibrant surface for printing.

The maximum size of a single panel is 1200×800 mm, larger images are made of several pieces, which are installed by gluing to butt seam side by side. The whole image is framed in a protective hedge.

The printable image can be from your own album. The print size is limited by the number of the pixels only, in practice the need is at least 1000 pixels / m.

Fabrics and color maps

The fabrics we use are flame-retardant.

Standard fabric is recycled Pugi RG Convert 2000. We strive to keep the most common colors in stock.

Recycled Convert MEL 4000 is available.

Nemi Melange is recyclable. Small quantities of it can be ordered directly from the supplier’s warehouse.