All Yeseco products are suitable for private homes. With Still T you can make large image printed acoustic panels for the walls or even to the ceiling.

The larger the space and the harder the surfaces, the greater is the echo. Sounds reflect off the ceiling and the walls from one room to another. The amount of sound absorption material required depends on the volume and the materials of the room. Yeseco products have a very high sound absorption capacity and they effectively dampen the room – each Yeseco acoustic panel helps.

Place sound absorbing material in a balanced manner on adjoining wall surfaces and on the ceiling so that opposite the hard surface there is sound absorbing material. Place them to the sound reflection points between the spaces. Bass trap helps reducing the rumbling sound.

Large living room – kitchen

If a home is built as an open area without walls between the kitchen, the dining area, the sitting room etc., annoying sounds are reflected from one space to another. The sound propagates like light, so you can use a mirror to find reflection spots. Place the sound absorbing material to reflection points to attenuate the reflections.

Yeseco products have high sound absorption capasity. Using efficient products is economical, as you need them less, if not the least. For example, if you want to achieve the same acoustic results with a thin folded curtain, you will need a veil almost 40 times larger surface area than Yeseco acoustic panels.

Our products are stylish and timeless. In addition to improving acoustics, you can realize impressive wall size pictures at the same time. You can also get an acoustic screen next to your own TV chair between you and the children’s playground to suppress the direct sound from the playground. Bass traps help to attenuate the rumbling sounds.

When the disturbing echo is decreased, the room gets more comfortable.

Music rooms

A small reverb is preferred as it gives a better separation of the multi-channel sound of home theater, but for the stereo playback it is preferred to have some room echoes.

To improve the accuracy of a playback, it is best to symmetrically suppress early reflections from the ceiling and the walls. The damping above the front speakers attenuates the standing waves between the floor and the ceiling.

Children’s playgrounds

The noise generated by children’s play is often loud and sharp, and the noise easily gets out to other areas. Our safe and goodlooking daycare products dampen the noise generated by the children’s playground.

The sound leaking from the neighbor

The sound leaking from the neighbor implies poor sound isolation between the apartments. Sound leaks through small holes and slits. You can hear the impact of holes if you open the car window while the car is in motion.

Sound is isolated by blocking slits and holes, making heavy wall structures, separating light structures with air gaps and attenuating sound vibrations in the air gap.