Wall acoustics with digital print

Still T

With Yeseco Still T you can make wall size image- or graphic- prints, or you can hide acoustic panel using  prints of hard looking surfaces like concrete or marble or update your wall material to look like something new.

Still T is 45 mm thick and comes with image print on natural surface. The maximum size of a single panel is 1000×1600 mm. Larger images are made of several pieces, which are installed by gluing the pieces to the butt groove side by side. The whole image is framed in a protective hedge.

Still T is also suitable for ceiling installation, for example, when the space is high and echoes or the space is too low for suspended ceiling. Even sounds from the upstairs can be slightly attenuated. Still T at the ceiling gives possibility for printed ornaments there.

The printable image can be from your own album. The size of the printout is restricted by the number of pixels only, in practice the need is at least 2000 pixels/m ie 50 dpi, recommendation is 75 dpi.

Still T can be purchased as framed images. Then the standard sizes are:

Still T 50×40 Wood frame
Still T 80×50 Wood frame
Still T 100×80 Wood frame
Still T 100×160 Wood frame


Still T is exceptional acoustic product made of natural fibers. It has following technical characteristics:

Sound Absorption class A, αw 1 according SFS ISO 11654-1997 standard.  Determination of sound absorption is done in a reverberation room according to SFS EN ISO 354-2003 standard.

Indoor emission class M1.  The decision is in line with requirements laid  down in Classification of indoor Climate 2018 and Classification of Building Materials: General instructions  by The building information Foundation, RTS sr, Finland.

Carbon footprint CF -1.52 kg CO2-eq/m2.  Life Cycle Analysis is done according to SFS-EN ISO 14044 standard.

Still TF is fire performance classified version of Still T.  It´s Reaction to fire  performance B – s2 – d0. Classification is done in accordance with EN 23501-1:2007+A1:2009 standard and tested according to EN 13823:2010+A1:2014 and EN ISO 11925-2:2010 standards

Yeseco hard surfaces

Quiet is the flagship of Yeseco’s products. It is suitable for making picture collages. Its edges appear as if floating in the air and allow indirect lighting to be mounted behind the product.

Quiet 80×40
Quiet 60×60
Quiet 80×80
Quiet 80×120
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